About Besty

Besty,Inc story

Community Solution
is to Solve social problems
Suzuki Store is a collective term for Community Solutions.
Suzuki Store aims to establish a real community (maintaining
and updating the database of ASEAN) and establish continuous
customer relationships through community-based
communication tools of each region.
We call this business a community solution. It is a business
model of combined revenue utilizing Architecture, Design, and
Technology. By proposing a new facility (living style), EC, and
advertisement delivery mechanism, we are also considering
utilize active data. We opened the first shop experiment store in
January 2018.
In 2021, we will establish the second store. From 2023 we will
develop multiple stores in the capital of Fukuoka, Hokkaido,
Asia, UK, and US, and we are considering developing a new
business model that combines real and digit


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